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Celebrate the reminiscences of childhood and unforgettable bonding moments with yet another heart-felt Mid-Autumn Festival collection from Pullman Hanoi, masterfully handcrafted by renowned chefs in annual collaboration with our culinary team.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival brings many special stories to tell and we are excited to share them with our guests through our new elegant mooncake collection. Reborn with a pleasantly surprising twist, Pullman Hanoi Mooncake 2022 Collection is a harmonious combination of traditional flavors and modern minimalist aesthetic.

No glamour nor sophisticated stories like previous years, we choose to take a new approach for this season that brings you back to a much simpler time where we all lived so fully once. The ambrosian treats are adorned in vibrantly designed boxes decked in pastel pink aesthetic and a playful concept representing an innocent, carefree and curious childhood. As it is said, “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older”, it is our wish for you to relive the joys of Mid-Autumn Festival with the child’s eye and find your contentment in little things that once made you happy.

Debuting this year are 2 new stunning flavors: Coffee & Cheese and Rum Raisin. If Coffee & Cheese is a delight of creamy sweet coated in coffee grounds, giving it a fine velvety texture to the bite, Rum Raisin surprises your taste buds with a plump juicy nuance that adds incredible flavor to cakes.

Making a glorious return is the Black Saseme and Lotus Paste & Juju Berry, while fans of healthy diets can also look forward to the signature Mixed Nuts for a low sugar mooncake. Enjoy traditional flavors in the artisanal Lotus Salted Egg that is filled with lotus seed paste and a golden egg yolk, excellent for those who relish a safe and homey flavor.

Pullman Hanoi’s 2022 Mooncake Collection “Relive the joys of childhood” offers 02 attractive choices:

Box of 4 mooncakes: VND 680,000+/box*

Box of 6 mooncakes: VND 888,000+/box*

*VAT not included 


BULK PURCHASES: Enjoy up to 5% savings or 01 complimentary mooncake box on purchases of every 20 boxes.

MEMBER EXCLUSIVES: Discover exclusive 5% additional savings for ALL – Accor Live Limitless and/or Accor Plus members.

FREE DELIVERY: upon distance and purchases.



Ms. TU Nguyen

T: 0965 760 206


Mr. TOI Nguyen

T: 094 569 2979


Mooncakes are available at Pullman Hanoi’s lobby from July 29th 2022.

40 Cat Linh, Dong Da, Hanoi
T: 024 3733 0688

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